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Game News
Welcome to Black Wing Legion's home on the web.

As a guild we are friendly & fun and I ask as a guest you respect everyone here.
For the members of the Guild I ask the same that you respect each other and our guests.

As the leader of the Guild (Ravenspirit), I know what it is to grind out in the game. The long waits while searching for others for group quests & dungeons. Trying to find help on things such as crafting, and read all the sarcasm in the chat channel after asking a simple question.

I have made my share of mistakes in my journey to level 50 & to master crafting & gathering skills. I wouldn't want to see others make those same mistakes that I did. Which is why I started this guild, to have a place that you can enjoy the game, level up, learn your crafting skill and not grind it out. Also to have someone help you along the way to get through the tough spots and to show you the achievements if you like. Yes there is so much fun in exploring the game on your own and figuring it out for yourself. But this game will allow you to go where you will and do what you want, sometimes things are missed or are skipped because you can't do it alone and you need a group to help you. Such as dungeons and raids or the group quests. 

I have been part of a Raid group that happen during invasions and I have also taken part in Raids that are set-up by other players. They are both fun and a little intimating since there are a large number of people trying to work together to complete it. There are those that take it so serious that it is no longer fun, and that can scare people away from wanting to take part in them. I know I have been there with such players and they do make things very uncomfortable. Which is why when our numbers as a guild get as such, we will do guild only Raids so that we can both enjoy and gain skill in carrying out a raid.

This will also apply to Dungeon runs both normal & expert.
PvP is also another part of the game and for those that enjoy it I ask please help those that want to learn and take part in PvP . Which will help spread the glory of our Guild.

So in closing ,putting the call out to recruit during game play is great, but sometimes the best way to find future members is simply by helping them out.

And hopefully when thanking you for the help and they ask why?
  Simply tell them, that is the way of our guild, to help others out. No one should struggle to have fun or put up with folks making fun of them for not knowing.
  Everyone here is special and though we may not always be the first on the shard. Or be the best in the game, we strive to have fun and make Rifting something fun to do.

So again welcome to the Home of Black Wing Legion, if you would like to join just ask myself or one of the members and we will welcome you with open arms.
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Web Site Live on GuildPortal!

BWLegion, May 29, 11 9:07 PM.
This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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Black Wing Legion is accepting all levels & classes. We want those that want to take part in PvP/Warfronts, Dungeon runs, & Raids. We want this to be a place,that is fun to be part of & players that enjoy Rifting. And if you are someone that enjoys crafting and/or questing this is place for you too.
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